Today, the air dawned dry and cool.  As in, temps hovering just above freezing. It seemed like spring, clad in green growing things, put on a protective winter coat for the day. My coworker said she saw snow on the ground while driving into work today.  Brr!

I managed to sneak out at lunchtime to visit Ruby at Lap Club. I haven’t been a regular in awhile. I promised today, and the day didn’t disappoint.  Puffy clouds layered the sky. The sun, though not warm, shone with a good effort. The air, fresh and bracing, restored me.  I’d spent most of the morning looking for documents to attach to a report and writing up said report.

I watched the kids run outside, glad to be free of teachers and rules for a few minutes. They made their way around the track, some running, some walking. Their clothes reminded me of the flowers now blooming.  Teal and pink sneakers made me think of azaleas. The girl wearing the red jacket epitomized tulips. The boy with very short hair and a bright yellow shirt was a daffodil. Not that I told him, of course.

I thought about how these kids are a flower garden of sorts. Parents, siblings, other relatives and friends contribute to the sun and rain to necessary to help them grow. We all contribute, somehow, to the influence of kids we encounter.

I gulped in the fresh air like a woman lost in the desert.

“Hi Mom!”

Ruby reached out to me. She ran a lap and now wanted to punch kids’ cards.

I hugged Ruby and thought about how blessed I am. I’ve got two flowers, growing in our house, and many others I see regularly. I want to handle them all with care. And yet, we have the chance every day to change our sphere with our words and actions.  Adults need encouragement, too. Will we take advantage of the opportunity?

You must warn each other every day, while it is still “today,” so that none of you will be deceived by sin and hardened against God. – Hebrews 3:13


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