Friday Fizz

I thought this might be apropos. So glad it’s Friday, even if I didn’t stay up all night. And with Sammy Davis, Jr., too!

Moving on.

I haven’t written a haiku in awhile.

Now I have a job
Files, finances and Friday
What could be better?

Eh.  Thanks for humoring me.

Last night, I discovered Zac’s jeans in my clothing basket. I found them as I sorted clean laundry to put away.
I pulled them out and held them up. A blue-black hue, their stiffness unfolded slowly. The wheels turned. Could I?
I put one leg in, then the other. I shimmied them over my hips. They fit. Huzzah! I did a little jig. They were actually a bit big in the waist yet ran down over my heels. I did some deep knee bends. Hmm.  These could work with that pink shirt…
Remembering myself, I quickly yanked them off, folded them and placed them in Zac’s basket. Looks like I have a new clothing source to borrow from.  Huzzah!
Speaking of Zac, you’ll be glad to know he enjoys high school.  Wait.  Perhaps “enjoy” is too strong a term. He’s finding his way.  In his racquet sports class, his team got 2nd place in the class tournament.  He felt good about that.  He did 60 situps in 90 seconds. I know I couldn’t manage that.  He aced his test in Law. He’s nailing algebra, something I never did.
All of these things make me feel like a dance party is in order.
dance partyCue your own music.

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