Seattle Side Trip

You might be wondering what I’ve been up to today.

Well, I’ll tell you.  It’s Microsoft PAC time again. Tomorrow kicks off the two-day conference.  I’ll be in a room filled with people from around the world, taking down every word they say.  Mostly.

But today, I’ve been able to dink around in Seattle with Jonathon. We’ve done touristy things like wandered Pike Street Market and looked at the original Starbucks location.

Original-Starbucks-2This picture is much better than the one I took.  When we walked by, a guitarist serenaded coffee drinkers with his rendition of “Let it Be.”

No, we didn’t pick up Starbucks.  Every Starbucks – and there are many – had a huge line.  We went to Monorail Espresso instead.

monorail espresso menuMy short mocha was fabulous, not too bitter and not too sweet.  And a very short line!

We found this fabulous shoe store along the way – Fluevog Shoes.  They have stores in Portland, San Francisco, London, Chicago, Denver, Washington, D.C. and many spots in Canada as well.

FluevogThe shoes called to us.  But we couldn’t answer.  A bit pricey at $200-300.  Yet, it’s been awhile since I found shoe love…

How can I choose just one pair?!

How can I choose just one pair?! Wouldn’t the others feel abandoned?  I’m just saying.

Another time, Fluevogians.  I hope to join your ranks.

The day turned up trumps, sunny and mid-70s.  Such a wonderful thing to happen in April. I international languages all day – Vietnamese, Chinese, Hindi, you name it, all around us today.  Kind of a nice way to get acclimated for tomorrow’s melting pot. Living in a town of less than 10,000, it’s easy to forget there’s a great big world out there.

Thanks for the reminder, Seattle.

The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it. The world and all its people belong to him. – Psalm 24:1


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