Bravery Bump

I’ve written before about being brave.  More than once, I believe.  But lately, it’s been coming at me from several places.  We sing “You Make Me Brave” at church.  I’m hearing songs about bravery on the radio like this

When I got offered the job at the city, I felt elation and fear.  Could I do it?  How would the schedule work?  Lord, I need more shoes!  And so on.  But I took the leap. Day by day, I’m making it.

As I consider this reminder to embrace bravery and try to understand what God is saying, I keep coming back to one idea.  God is not honored by you playing small.  He is not blessed by you keeping your talents safe in your back pocket, rolling around with regret and ancient lint. You have gifts and abilities, friend.  He made you for great things. I know I’ve said it before, but stop sitting on your talents.  I think great opportunities are out there, just waiting to present themselves.  One hit us – bam! – last night.  We took it up. I can’t stop grinning about it. Details to follow.

Alright.  So maybe you need a little boost to get you over the hump to your long-lost dream.  Here’s one.  I haven’t raced since September of last year. I never seem to measure up to my own expectations and I end up disappointed.  I felt discouraged when I laced up my shoes. I just registered for the Goldsborough Creek Fun Run.  Granted, I’m only running the 2-mile race.  Which will be an all-out sprint, as usual.  But for once it sounded fun.  I want to do it.  I haven’t the time or desire to train for long races at this point. This feels doable.

See, in these little openings God provides a certain measure of redemption, a glimmer of shining hope in our circumstances.  He restores what’s gotten lost through time, or past hurts, or neglect.  I fully expect to enjoy the day, the short course and the camaraderie of fellow runners out for a good time. I need to see what’s inside and reconnect with the girl who loves to run.  It’s a start.


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