Dressed for Friday

This morning, I sat in the living room next to Jonathon.

“Are you about ready to go, Zac?” I asked.

Zac looked at me.

“Are you staying home today?” he asked, eyebrows raised.

I looked down at my clothes.  Cropped jeans.  Pink t-shirt. Hoodie. Polka dot sneakers with no socks.  I started laughing.

“It’s casual Friday,” I told him.

“Oooh-kay,” he said, shaking his head.

Did I look that bad?  Too casual? This from the boy who wears shorts almost every day.  I mean if I was going to stay home, I’d be in sweatpants or shorts, baby!  Because today, friends, we hit the 70s.  As in degrees.  It was beautiful.  Sunny and warm. Us Pacific NW folks get a little loopy when the sun comes out.  We get excited. And work, well, it gets quiet as a tomb.  People find reasons to be out in that bright light.

Happy Friday, folks!

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