Desire Fulfilled

I can finally share the news.  Jonathon is the new artistic director for the Anna’s Bay Chorale!

There is so much background here.  Years ago, before Ruby was born, Jonathon taught public school choir.  We lived in a couple of small towns in Oregon – Reedsport and Creswell, to be exact.  He taught choir at the junior high and high schools in both places.  We lasted two years at each location.  Then…budget cuts.  And it got to be time to move on.  We moved back to Portland.  He subbed for a year, then got a teaching gig at a middle school in Vancouver.  It was the plum assignment:  a district with a music budget (finally!) and a cultured community.

Except…he wasn’t happy.  He found teaching kids to be less than enjoyable.  He has nothing against kids, mind you, but he discovered he’d rather teach adults.  Fast forward a couple of years and with a complete change of career, he’s teaching adults software. He loved it.

He has led choirs at our church for special songs at Easter and Christmas.  The voices gathered for those were for holidays only.  Nothing permanent, though he did a great job.  He felt like he’d moved on, left this part of himself behind. He felt okay about it and didn’t regret doing a new thing. Our lives have seasons, after all.  Maybe this one had passed completely.

And yet…

Jonathon joined Anna’s Bay just this past year, as a way to do something musical that was fun and challenging.  Little did he know he would end up getting tapped as the next director as the former one retired.  He is excited and little nervous.  It seems that God is restoring something that ended on a rather painful note; he got pushed out of his job in Vancouver and heard things from that job that killed his spirit.  Jonathon does a great job conducting.  He helps people express the music and encourages them towards their best sound.  He is passionate about musical excellence.  He knows what it sounds like and how to motivate others to pursue it. Now, he gets to work on beautiful music with people who desire to share it.

Sometimes, God pulls a sneaky move on us that blesses our socks off, something we never thought could happen.  You are amazing, God.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life. – Proverbs 13:12


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