Two Day Turnaround

I’m sitting here thinking about two things:  writers group yesterday and work today.

I got some time off yesterday, courtesy of my favorite boss, to attend my old writers group.  It meets during the week, during the day. I had to give it up pretty much right away to go back to work full-time. New members had joined the group since I last attended more than 5 months ago. They each read a piece they’d written.  I fell in love with creating with words all over again.  Such vivid descriptions and great characterizations.  I won’t give away their stories here, but I got lost in them. My spirit felt restored again.  I got encouraged and inspired.

Friday dawned different. Work today has been gangbusters. Feel like I’ve got roller skate implants on my feet.  Oh, and contentious.  Had to go toe to toe with a contractor on a project.  Her certified payroll was wonky.

“You underpaid your foreman,” I wrote.  “You’ll need to resubmit revised payrolls.”

“He’s a carpenter,” the gal wrote back. “See the designation above his name?  I included an attachment.”

Never mind that it was a union number reference and said CARP.  I thought that was an acronym. Then we haggled about fringe, the extra money earned that’s sometimes paid in cash, to make up the difference in a prevailing hourly wage. Turns out it was hidden in plain sight, named something else. Good grief. I wanted to tell her I’m only a moron every other Thursday and I do okay walking and chewing gum.  But I doubt she’d believe me.

Sigh. It’s all good, now.  I thanked her for her patience.  Really, I’m the one exhibiting patience here. I could have made her redo the whole shebang, both weeks.  I have that kind of power, since the City is the client in this instance. Hey lady, we pay you, not the other way around.

But what would that serve?  It would only cause division and more contention. i don’t say this to toot my own horn; it’s painful to swallow down self-righteousness.  But it’s what’s needed. Blessed are the peacemakers applies here.

Oh, and both days – yesterday and today – are days God made.  I get to choose my attitude, again. I choose joy.

God blesses those who work for peace, for they will be called the children of God. – Matthew 5:9


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