Thursday Trifles

Good morning!
Good morning!  Breakfast *is* the most important meal of the day.

I’ve meant to write about this for a long time, so here goes.  I’m still swishing coconut oil around in my mouth every morning before breakfast. It’s been more than a year now since I initiated the habit.  Has this practice healed my cavities?  No. I still had to have those filled, actually refilled once we switched insurance and got to a legitimate dentist.  The swishing has gotten rid of my “gum pockets”, though.  I have no idea what those are.  Perhaps a place where gums can store their spare change.  I’d post a picture here, but when I looked for one I kind of got grossed out.  You don’t need to see that. For now, it can be someone’s band name.  No need to thank me.

Ruby netted a written apology from her bully at school after Jonathon escalated the matter to the principal.  Our in-person drop-by visits to speak with Ruby’s teacher didn’t make a dent. Seems ironic that the kid calling her names would be named Jesus, but there it is.  I’ve said this before:  Jesus is a hard name to live up to.

Lastly, Rex has a new prey:  small strips of PVC pipe.  Jonathon’s in the middle of putting in a new irrigation system and has left extra bits of pipe lying around.  Rex, sensing their threatening nature, has taken it upon himself to collect them.

“M-Wao,” Rex will call from the carport.

So informal, that cat, going to the back door.  He’ll hold a 6″ piece of off-white pipe in his mouth, his expression dark and full of extreme prejudice.  I will step out and pat him, thanking him for keeping us safe from those varmints. You never know what mischief a rogue piece of pipe will get into.

What’s going on with you today?


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