Shiny Penny

IMG_20150605_061121_333I finally got out for a run this morning.  The sun was up, yet a gibbous moon hung in the western sky. Nothing stirred the air. The fragrance of growing things rose from the fertile ground. Golden light filtered through the treetops and the birds sang for all they’re worth.

What I haven’t written about yet and some of my friends know is that I’ve cut down on carbs quite a bit.  Cutting out carbs and working a full-time job has left me with very little time or energy to run long distances. I feel better.  I’ve lost a bit of chub around the middle, which is always a welcome change.

But I missed my good friend, running.

The runs I have been able to squeeze in have been much shorter, around 3 miles max.  However, I’m going faster.  I like the side effect, yet it’s unexpected. It’s harder to pace myself when I’m running 1-2 minutes faster per mile.

I found this penny while out running.  I don’t usually want to stop and pick up anything once I’m in a groove.  Why mess with momentum?  But it winked at me from the pavement. I stooped and picked it up.  I clutched its coldness in my palm. When I got home, I examined it.  It didn’t have that new-minted shine.  It’s got scuffs and scratches in it.  Kinda like my relationship with running.  The penny still counts as currency.  It can be used, and added to.  I can add to what I’ve restarted with running, and build on it.  I can invest in it again.  It will pay dividends.


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