Friday Philosophy

Anyone else get to the end of the week and think, how did I get here?  What did I do this week?  No? Okay.  Never mind.

Photo by alan.com

I get to go in to work a little later today.  Ruby and I plan to attend the Volunteer Appreciation breakfast at her school this morning.  Donuts, coffee, possibly fruit and time with the wonderful folks who make the magic happen. After that, I’ll be paying a visit to the Public Works shop which is right next door to the grade school.  The interim superintendent will give me a tour of all the records each department stores. Only an overview, people.  I have no intention of carting boxes back to the office with me.  Think of it as a reconnaissance mission.

Highlight from the week:

baby burpeesI did some on Wednesday.  Let’s just say Advil and I were good friends yesterday, possibly this a.m. as well. Yowza.

This weekend has a lot packed into it.  I started feeling overwhelmed this morning.

“Hey Ruby, want to take a walk?”

Since she never actually walks anywhere, Ruby pumped up her bike tires.  We stepped out into the overcast, cool day.  The Shelton Creek Trail got finished a few days ago.  The trailhead starts a short distance from our house. She left her bike at the first bridge. We followed the gravel trail past the pond.  We wound around tree-covered paths, over bridges scattered along the narrow path.  As I gazed into the green-shadowed canopy above us, I felt my shoulders come down out of my ears.

“Let’s run!” Ruby called back to me.

Ruby ran ahead of me. We jogged up and down on the newly-carved way.  The creek burbled along beside us, sometimes far below.  We stopped to catch our breath and watch it.  Sitting on one of the little wooden bridges, the water flowed below us.  This time of year the water looked friendly.  It creased and rippled, revealing variegated stones.

Ruby handed me a fist-sized, rounded stone. Grayish brown and ringed with dirt, it didn’t appeal to me.

“Make a wish,” she said.

I took the rock. I made a wish and threw it in the water.  It made a satisfying splash.

“It’ll come true,” she promised, smiling.

It already has.

This is the day the Lord has made.
    We will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalm 118:24