Tuesday Tiny Things

Photo by wikipedia.com
Photo by wikipedia.com

I don’t know what to say today.

I stepped out into the cool, pink-tinged morning.  I inhaled the still air, scented with honeysuckle and petunias.  The sun lingered on the horizon –

Wait.  I have to help Ruby get frozen bread into the toaster.

Where was I?  Oh yeah.  The sun lingered on the horizon, backlighting the sky.  I started walking.  During my injured calf state, I discovered how much warming up counts towards getting a good run in.  Like stretching, warming up has never been on my radar.  Until I got hurt.

“Mom, can today be pajama day?” Not today, Ruby.

So. Back to this morning. I headed east then turned up the hill…

“Mom, look at this!  Rex caught a squirrel!”

I followed Ruby and looked out the back door.  Rex, mouth full of chipmunk, stalked around the carport and vicinity.  His face held a mixture of pride and confusion.  Where can I put this down? his darting eyes seemed to say.

I watched the drama for a little while.  Chloe hovered over the fresh kill.  She leaned over and sniffed it.  Rex reached out a paw and batted the dead carcass.  Then he picked it up in his teeth, tossing it in the air.  Flying chipmunks are not as rare as you’d think in these parts. Rex carried his prize to the side yard and laid down beside it, content and spent.

Okay…where was I?

Zac appeared before me.  “How are you today?” I asked.  He grabbed a pen and a napkin. Uh oh.

“You have a sore throat?” He nodded. “How bad is the pain?”  He wrote 6/10.  Poor thing.

I walked up the hill.  Weeds and horsetail grew by the curb.

“I wonder what it’s like being dead,” Ruby mused around a bite of toast.

Sigh. Never mind.