Ever Be

I can’t get this song out of my head.  It’s like Bethel Church’s latest earworm.  Here’s video of them performing, and while it’s filmed in a picturesque setting, it comes across as voyeuristic to me.  Bethel has a reputation for showing people deep in worship, which feels like like peeping at someone showering in my opinion. Too personal, people.  Some things shouldn’t be up for public consumption. It always makes me cringe a little. Besides, controlling sound in an open environment like a mountaintop is impossible.  You’re hearing a studio mix, pumped out and lip synced with a breathtaking backdrop.  Too cynical?  Nah.  I’m married to a sound guy.  He points these things out to me.

So…pull up another one of their videos, and take a gander.  What do you see?  The beautiful people.  The young, thin, and hip swaying to the music, singing along.  Something’s off. Taking a mental roll call, who’s missing?  Oh yeah, the senior saints.  Where are the wise ones? And, living in America, where are the fat people?  Surely they have fat people in Redding.  Where are the scarred, the ugly, the mismatched? Is anointing  and the favor of God attached to attractiveness?

I understand that film is a visual medium.  I get it.  The whole video endeavor strives to color-coordinate the cast, from worship leaders, drummers, bassists, etc., to the audience.  But what do these videos say?  They put out a false message.  God loves you, no matter your size or age.  He doesn’t have a velvet rope you can only cross if you’re 5’5″ and 110 lbs. or some other low BMI.

Jesus came for the broken.  When you get to the end of yourself, tired of trying to live life under your own steam, that’s when you can call on Him and He will meet you.  Yes, he beautifies the meek with salvation (Psalm 149:4).  He rebuilds us and remakes us into who we were always meant to be.  But we don’t come to him with it all together.  The “together” people have no need of God.

Please understand that Bethel has an amazing worship center; I’m not knocking their hearts at all.  They put out great, anointed songs.  We use several of them in our regular rotation of worship sets.  But don’t be misled by the advertising.  Jesus is for you, no matter where you are in your life.  Yes, let His praise “ever be on our lips”. But our worship, through music and daily actions, belong to God alone.


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