August Rain

After 65 straight days of no rain (according to my dad), Saturday it poured.  Not for long, though, since it’s still summer and all.  But rain. And today, it’s starting out drizzly.  Reminds me of this song

But I’m not down.  See, it rains here a lot.  Yet after two months of no rain, rain feels like an event.  I almost want to make it a state holiday, or a local holiday at least. The breeze flows cool, fresh and clean.

It is Monday.  It’s the start of a new work week. Last Sunday, my stepmom brought a word to pre-service prayer about being committed.  What stuck in my mind was the word wholehearted.  I’m a disciplined person.  I commit myself to lots of things.  I pray for people.  I work out nearly daily.  I take care of my husband and kids. I read the Bible each morning.  I attend church Sundays and Wednesdays and serve as needed.

But what about my job?  Do I head in, ready to take on the day’s challenges?  Or do I lose heart because perhaps the tasks don’t quite line up with my original vision?  Can I go in, determined to do my best no matter what?  I don’t have control over what happens.  People have too many variables spinning round for me to direct them. Stuff happens. Right?  I can make the best of it or I can complain and dig in my heels.  Maybe I even start to feel apathetic about it all.  Nothing will ever change.  Cue the Eeyore complex.

My job has not panned out in the way I would have thought. But looking back over my life, has anything?  No major life changes unfold completely the way we plan.  In the long run, I think that’s a good thing.  How would we ever learn dependence on God if it all worked out our good, golden way? Would we even need Him, or each other?

Today’s rain has made me consider washing away my bad attitude.  It’s a new week.  It’s a new day.  My mission, should I choose to accept it, is to make the most of it and rejoice. I’m all in.

This is the day the Lord has made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalm 118:24


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