Eight Months

Today is August 13.  As I suck down my blue-green smoothie (don’t judge) and somnambulant from Ruby’s nocturnal visit, I consider the days.  Eight months ago today, I started working at the city.  I had no idea how many boxes I’d look through.  Some had screened dried poop in plastic bags.  No lie.  When you build a wastewater treatment plant, tests are part of the gig.  I’ve sneezed a lot, poring over old maps of Mason County species habitats.  How could I forget these guys?

Mazama pocket gopher.
Mazama pocket gopher. Someone needs a dentist, pronto.

Which begs the question:  are there backpack gophers?  Tabletop gophers?  Anyone?

In my other role, I’ve processed dozens of invoices. I’ve learned about BARS codes, a very little. I’ve covered the front desk and picked up the building inspection process.  I’ve drafted documentation policies.  I’ve issued contracts. I’ve attended trainings off site. Along the way, I’ve met great people, serving the city with their amazing skills and abilities.

I’m grateful to my coworkers, for easing me into working full-time again after nearly 10 years of short-term part-time jobs and full-time mommying.  I’m thankful to God for this position, to grow and have opportunities to try new things.

What will I learn in the next 8 months?  I look forward to finding out.


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