Monday Found

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I had no idea western Washington had monsoon season.  But it does.  It’s been raining off and on for several days now.  Great for quenching the forest fires blazing in eastern Washington and close to home as well.  Yet…humidity.  Running feels like swimming, only without the tension of donning a swimsuit.  Your arms and legs churn through the hybrid air-liquid atmosphere. You take in great gulps of damp ether and a few raindrops, too. Your eyelids act like windshield wipers, fluttering rapidly at times to keep visibility a reality.

The rain had slowed down to a mizzle.  You know, that delightful place between a mist and drizzle.  You didn’t feel it falling on you, as the outside temp and the precipitation were one and the same. Today’s training plan entry said “2.5 miles EZ”.  Well, assuming EZ=easy, I could do that.  Of course, the Garmin took awhile to start up because it was snowing in space.  Ask Bill Murray.  Anyway, I loped around downtown, searching out streets with lights going.  The morning, predawn, resembled a black and white painting, with points of light scattered throughout. I ran past City Hall, the county courthouse and two commissioners’ homes. I strode past the police departments and the post office. I hit all the hot spots.I stopped looking at my watch except to check distance.

Nothing memorable occurred, except that I found my pace. My groove.  Not too fast, not too slow.  It’s been missing for a long, long time. Some of you who know me in person get that I don’t relax on cue.  I take awhile to switch into that mode.  Today, I felt like I found a long-lost friend. I pray I get to know this friend better.


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