The Yell


I felt a flood of excitement as I woke up this morning. Payday.

Yes, I hear you say.  Paydays rock, Susan.  No argument there.

I freely admit my nerd status.  I love paying bills.  I love seeing the money we’ve worked hard to earn going to pay for our needs and some of our wants.  I love to give, too, as needs and opportunities arise.

But today’s not just any payday.  THE payday. We paid off a debt we’ve had for 15+ years.  As of January 2015, we overcame $12,000.

Still in shock.

I pulled out the paperwork to figure out how much dough actually put out this year.  I found credit card statements from 2007 from Capital One and Providian. We finished those up long ago.  We crossed PayPal Credit off in April of this year, a holdover of a down payment from our timeshare company. Oh man.  Memories, of too much month and not enough money flooded over me.  Christmas on credit.  Playing catchup on bills, in and endless cycle. Let’s not forget the condemnation associated with it all.

I’m so grateful for my full-time job. That’s what kicked it into high gear.  Between that extra income and the other side gigs Jonathon and I have, we were able to make some mondo payments.  At first, we just added a little here and a little here. We cut cable. We made a budget. Reading The Non-Consumer Advocate blog helped us choose how and where the dollars went. Then we got excited. We caught the vision.  Truly, it’s Dave Ramsey’s fault.  He started us off. I guess others have put out the same material on how to manage your money, budgets, etc., but we heard it first from from Mr. Ramsey in a class our church coordinated.

I can’t believe it.  We did it. I’m dancing in my chair as I write this.

Now, onto the house and Dr. Isham’s school loans.

Huzzah! Thank you, Jesus.


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