Innocence Sleeps

This morning, Rex sleeps on the Barney couch. His eyes are shut tight, with feet curled in the air.  He snores softly.  His black fur gleams under the lamplight. He looks, for all intents and purposes, like a picture of innocence.

But we know better.

The addiction.
The addiction.

What we thought a cute stunt – fetching random sections of leftover PVC pipe from Jonathon’s many projects – turned into  major issue.  See those pieces of chalk, the colored objects?  Not ours.  Some little neighborhood kid has lost their ability to create their artistic masterpieces because of Rex’s thievery.  Rex prowls the block to feed his need.

To top it all off, he’s proud of his conquests.

“M-WAO, m-WAO,” he’ll call at the back door.

I’ll look out the window.  Rex will look up, smiling around a cylindrical object.  Sometimes a Nerf dart, sometimes an old tree branch. Or chalk.

Aside from the stealing, he also chases rodents.

dead rat dead squirrel

Sorry if this is too graphic too early in the morning.  But Rex is a stone-cold killer.  Small furry mammals, you’ve been warned.

However, even this has escalated.

Rex's latest kill.
  Rex’s latest kill.

Whose baby is this?  No idea. It just showed up in the carport one morning, facedown on the concrete.

From thief to doll killer.  When will it end?!


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