First Friday

New office

Happy Friday! Okay, technically it’s not the first Friday of 2016 But it is the first full work week of 2016. All hail the return of 40 hours!

The picture above shows how the new office turned out. Fresh paint (NOT baby blue, as some have implied), new lighting, and a new desk worked wonders. One of the maintenance guys, an electrician, recommended and installed the lights. He also put in the coat rack (right side). I’ve got a couple of other minor touches to add, but this is the “after”. Oh, and the rug.

office rug

It turned out so nice. Not too masculine, not too feminine.

Some of you may be wondering how my dessert-free lifestyle challenge is progressing. Well, so far I’ve lost about 2 lbs. in a little over a week. Not much, but when you’re a shrimpy girl, it helps. I don’t crave chocolate much anymore. If I do, I eat some fruit. I did grab a handful of Ruby’s new favorite cereal – gluten free! – but way too sugary. I couldn’t eat any more.

I think the best part has been the increase in energy. I feel awake. My energy seems to come at a steady pace. Also, I’m more hopeful. I didn’t eat a ton of desserts, perhaps, but they did sort of numb me. It’s better to feel the feelings and get to the other side. No medicinal sugar required.

I’ve stepped up my exercise ever-so-slightly. I find myself craving walks in the fresh air. Jonathon’s Christmas present to me, the treadmill, made its way inside after a brief and frigid stint in the carport. It’s helping me ease back into running. My left foot still hurts, but it’s healing. Slowly.

All in all, I’m happy with this progress report. How are your resolutions coming?




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