Drop It


“Fred’s dropout paperwork should be in by now. He’ll probably get called to the office today,” Zac said.

We drove to school in the damp March morning. Rain dripped off every available surface and person.

“What?” I said. “I thought you talked him out of out of it.”

Zac shook his head.

“What do his parents have to say? Obviously, they’re involved if there’s paperwork.”

Zac stared straight ahead out the windshield.

“His parents don’t care. It’s his life decision.”

Life decision?! Are you kidding me?

“That’s very stupid. You can make dumb life decisions when you’re 18. Not when high school is your job. Fred is making his life infinitely harder.”

My heart ached. I know Shelton isn’t the educational Mecca of the Northwest, but you need to graduate. A GED is not equivalent to a diploma, no matter what anyone says.

“What will Fred do?”


“Did you ask him?” I got a little exasperated at my son’s lack of curiosity and concern at this point.

“Why does he want to drop out?”

Zac shrugged.

“Why didn’t you ask?”

Zac said it wasn’t his business.

People, it IS our business when the people we care about make foolish choices. We can ask questions and raise concerns. No, we can’t boss people. Much. To his credit, I remember Zac did try to talk Fred out of dropping out of high school partway through his junior year.

As I pulled up to the stop sign to let Zac out, I realized I kinda gave him the third degree about some kid I’ve never even met.

“Zac, thanks for staying in school. I know it can be monotonous at times. But life is what you make of it.”

He glanced at me and nodded. He heard me. He picked up his backpack and opened the car door.

“See ya,” he said.

I prayed for Fred on the way to work. Some of our “life decisions” have long-term repercussions. I know I’m biased here. My parents were both teachers. My father-in-law taught college classes and has a doctorate as well. My husband has a doctorate and I have a B.A. Education looms large on our agenda in this family. It matters, especially while it’s free. Opportunities come around once. Make the most of them.

This is the day the Lord has made.
    We will rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalm 118:24


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