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We’re enjoying another glorious sunny day here in Shelton. Supposed to get to 80 degrees today. This random day stolen straight from summer is a gift. April here is generally 1) coldish, with temps topping out in the high 50s and night time lows sometimes hitting freezing, and 2) drizzly. The rain has lost its power and purpose by this time of year. Yet it hangs on, like the last recalcitrant guest at an after party.

We’re smack-dab in the middle of spring break. Ruby hosted a sleepover and has been to a sleepover. Many little girls frequented the house and the hot tub this week.  Zac has stayed up late playing computer games and slept, period. Jonathon has worked at his job as well as outside on the yard. Oh, and he inaugurated the outdoor grill for the sunny season. Ahh…

What to say today? I’m listening to my coworker use a drill on a broken van door. The sound of metal hitting metal makes that high-pitched squeal, like when the dentist drills on your molars, only 10 times louder. Not that having a drill a few inches from either ear doesn’t make it sound loud already. Anyway. He’s wearing his welding mask. Sparks fly around him, forming a temporary prickly halo.

Which brings me to another point. Can I say that working with mechanical cutting or flame-throwing implements makes you a rockstar? Cause I think it’s true. You should get hazard pay, carry a badge and wear a medal. And have your own line of action figures. Seriously.

I’m sipping a cup of shop coffee. It’s very, very strong. Which is good, because I am very, very tired. Hence the lack of coherent thought in this blog. I’ve upped my running and it’s taking its toll. Still nursing the old foot and calf injuries, but they’re clearing up.

I’ve made a decision. I’m keeping the digital scale in the sweet spot on the floor where it weighs me 3 lbs. lighter than anywhere else in the room. I know; I’ve checked. Heck, why spend the day discouraged? That’s my motto. Like so many things, it sounds better in Latin: Quare appenditis die fiant ?

Vade, et vincet, my friends. It’s almost Friday.



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