Administrative Professionals’ Day


I’ve written about this before. I strongly dislike the above holiday. You know, Secretaries’ Day. It got renamed a decade or so ago as Administrative Professionals Day. It makes it more genteel somehow, I guess.

I got roped into going to an appreciation lunch today, which is actually a day late. My immediate boss, also an admin herself, has a higher-up boss who wants to celebrate her. And because she likes the holiday just as much as I do, she pigeonholed me into the fete.

“We get to choose the restaurant. Where do you want to go? ” she asked me.

“I don’t know. Where do you want to go?” I countered.

We decided on a place and made up our minds to be nice. Because, well, the thought is kind. All of our bosses have good hearts and want to show us some love.

Well, most of them.

“What is this lunch?” my boss at the shop asked me, as he gestured toward his Outlook calendar, confusion on his face.

“Uh…well…yesterday was Administrative Professionals Day.”

I pointed to his wall calendar hanging by the door.

“I didn’t mention it because it’s the bane of my existence. I hate it. See, you’ve never had an admin, so you’re out of the loop. It’s a made up holiday.”

“Oh,” he said, the light dawning.

“I hate made up holidays. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day. I don’t even like anniversaries.”

I had to disagree with him on that one. Another year of marriage is something to be proud of.

“So can we get out of it?” he asked.

I thought for a second.

“Well, we could be sick…” I started.

He laughed.

“It would look weird if we were both sick,” he said.


“I’d rather appreciate people all year long, not on some special day. You don’t need a special day,” he said.

Also true.

I like lunch and I like eating, especially when it’s food. I work with phenomenal people, who offer me insights and patience and humor and grace every day. I plan on celebrating them today. I am grateful.



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