Remodel Revelations

Here’s Rex, taking advantage of the heating vent just under the piano bench. Notice how he’s lounging on the kitchen calendar like it’s a paper throne. It’s as if he doesn’t even care it’s Friday or has no concept of time or anything. Lucky cat.

Why is the kitchen calendar on the piano bench under the window? Good question. We’re doing a major remodel. I say “we” as if I had anything to do with it. I think I’ve packed a couple of boxes to get stuff out of the way.  The remodel has pretty much been all my fabulous husband’s doing. Jonathon has spent the last week repainting the kitchen, both bathrooms and the hallway from downstairs to upstairs. This includes the alcove, with the chimney and ceiling. Carpet installers come next week. Whew! I’m tired just typing it.

One thing I’ve learned about painting:  some areas need more than one coat of paint. The walls can be powerful thirsty.  And as you start painting one area, another adjacent area starts to look dingy. You didn’t plan to paint the ceiling, but…you find you can’t leave it like it looks now. It doesn’t work with the rest of the room anymore. Kinda like eating Doritos. You can’t eat just one.

This means stuff is everywhere. The toilet brush from the upstairs bathroom sits in our bedroom. Ruby’s sewing desk that used to rest in the alcove now rests, denuded of all accoutrements, in the living room. Toothbrushes and toothpaste lounge on the kitchen counter, around the corner from their home. I mean no disrespect to Jonathon by discussing this. Making a major change in your living space creates a temporary displacement of items. It’s inevitable.

I’ll be the first to say I like everything in its place. I don’t do well with disarray and clutter. But this season of change is good. Our former “McDonald’s” kitchen (so dubbed by a friend  because of its bright yellow base coat and red accent wall) made the small space with mismatched counters feel closed in and dark. Now the kitchen, resplendent in its new pale dove gray coat, barely needs lights on during the day. Why didn’t we do this years ago?

I know why. Life. Kids. Jobs. Church. Bills. Pets. Planet alignments. Woody Harrelson. Obligations of all sorts. Alright, maybe not Woody. But you get the idea.

Change brings growth and new opportunities. It can bring pain as well, as we uncover new ways to live and breathe, and vulnerable, damaged areas get exposed. It might mean more work for us, both in the physical and in the spiritual. Yet new vistas await on the other side of the change as we adapt and transition. We build up strength and endurance along the way, too. I look forward to the good coming out of this new scenery.






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