Let’s Go, Trucks!

For the past 7 months now, I’ve worked in the EMR department. EMR is short for Equipment Maintenance and Repair. My coworker is the head mechanic, and he repairs and services all the equipment and vehicles the City owns, minus police cars. I’m in this department half of every working day. Kind of like the world of Let’s Go, Trucks!

let's go, trucks

One of Jonathon’s favorite childhood books, it migrated into our married life and captured the imaginations of both of our kids. We have several Little Golden Books we brought into our union, like – Saggy Baggy Elephant  and The Tawny Scrawny Lion (me) , The Poky Little Puppy and We Help Daddy (Jonathon), which incidentally has helped us with parenting a time or two. “Hey! We’re helping Daddy now. Not drawing on the wall.”

This book, however, made Zac happy for years. We read it at least once a day.

let's go, trucks_armored car

I never had much interest in trucks. I still don’t. This little book educated me on all they do, with colorful pictures to illustrate the point. Frankly, the little book’s lessons didn’t stick with me. But now I can see trucks’ merit for myself, since I work around 50+ of them every day. They take shop employees out to read meters, stripe roads, put up signs, and clear catchbasins, just to name a few duties.

catchbasinA catchbasin, out of its natural habitat. It lives under the street, at the end of a pipe. Its sole purpose is to hold onto street debris. It literally *is* a basin that catches stuff. Cool, no?

I have close encounters with trucks daily. City employees drive their department trucks while on the job. I process work orders and purchase orders to get them fixed. We receive deliveries from vendors, like Napa and Aramark, who drive trucks. We even get new tires brought to us. The huge APP fuel truck comes twice a month to top off our unleaded and diesel tanks. Think of the trucks that drive cross country to deliver goods to department and big box stores. Think of how we get groceries from farmlands to the different coasts. Trucks, baby, and lots of ’em.

If you know a trucker, give them a hug. They help keep this country running. I know Beyoncé says Girls Run the World. But I don’t agree. It’s trucks, and has been for years. But keep it on the down low. Don’t want Bey finding out.

keep on truckin'



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