Chocolate Deficit

chocolate pile heart

I’ve been thinking about my tagline today. I haven’t written about chocolate in a long time. The reason is that I’ve tried to give it up for 2016. So far, it’s held on. I seem to be over my inordinate love of cake, cookies, cupcakes and candy, as well as their kissing cousin treats like donuts and pie. But chocolate, that sweet seductress, lingers.

I’ve considered leaving it alone and keeping chocolate in the rotation. But I don’t seem to have boundaries with it. Today marks day 2 of the chocolate-free attempt #95 or possibly 96. Chocolate is a rock star. It looks good, glossy and dark. It tastes good. It has an emotional entrenchment, bringing comfort to those who imbibe. It’s also readily available, though I try to only eat dark. Dark chocolate has heart health benefits, or at least I tell myself that as I pick up just one more section.

I’ve lost about 5 lbs., resetting my base line weight to the lowest it’s been in awhile. Fruit tastes great, of sweetness and sometimes flowers. I enjoy most food more now. I feel really good most of the time. Do I still put sugar in my coffee? Yes. I can’t seem to get away from it unless I use half and half or full cream. It seems I need richness in my life somewhere.

Which brings me to my next topic. I’m in a strange place in a lot of areas in life. I need to be…more. More compassionate. More kind. More wise. More patient, on and on. God is saying, “Step up!” I don’t have it to give, at least not right now. I’ll have to grow into it. I need the richness of the Holy Spirit in my life, more and more. And maybe that means I spend time seeking the sweetness of His presence instead of a piece of the dark stuff.

How sweet your words taste to me;
    they are sweeter than honey. – Psalm 119:103





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