Persistence Pays


Went out for a 3-mile run this morning. The overcast sky and cool breezes laden with the scent of honeysuckle made me want to do more, go farther. But I didn’t, because…time. Oh, and stamina. True confession: I want to be further along than this. I want to head out for 5 or 6-mile runs and get back, sweaty and content, to shower and down some breakfast. Three miles – with a bit of uphill struggle – seems piddly.

Running fills up a deep part of me. I can’t explain it. One of my good friends pointed it out to me years ago. I feel better, more connected to myself, after a run. I feel pretty good after kettlebells and taking long walks, too (with or without a sunset or beach), but it isn’t the same.

I think it’s human nature to always want more, to push the limits and see what’s out there. I find it easy, considering all I used to be able to do, to fall back into discouragement. Discouragement waits for me, a cozy cocoon of confinement, to draw me into the trap of complacency, confusion and ultimately the conquered.

All this to say I’m keeping on. Maybe you feel like giving up in your life. Something you’ve tried for, time and again, still eludes you. But the goal is worth it. Don’t give up. Put in the work. Show up. Your blessing is coming.



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