Boiling Monday

lobster in pot


Our preternatural summer continues. Jonathon filled the hot tub with the garden hose – dubbed the cold tub for now – which proved a great boon for us. Us Northwesterners have thick blood. These blistering days make us melt like slugs on the sidewalk. We’re more pleasant if we can cool our core body temperature.

With another hot day in the works, mornings are the best time to knock out a few. I ran 3 miles this morning. The hazy sunrise glowed pink and yellow on the horizon. A cool breeze blew out of the north. A few cars passed me. Other than that, all was quiet. It felt good to move.

I learned a few things this weekend. Thought I’d share them with you.

  • Getting your son into the SAT is not as easy as it sounds. One, you need to preregister online. Then you need to take a head shot and print out an entry ticket with the picture. The page will get cut off, printing either landscape or portrait. It’ll take the monster skills of your doctoral husband to beat it into submission. Secondly, they need another form of I.D. If your son has no driver’s license or permit, pray he has a student body card. Otherwise, it means a trip to the DOL and $54 to get an ID card to show he’s a real, live person. Oh, and he has to leave his phone at check in. He’ll have ruffled feathers about that.
  • You might learn a new song for worship and volunteer to play the shaker while you sing alto, to add some much-needed flavor to the song. Unbeknownst to you, this will prove harder than you think. Shaking a plastic rattle and singing a song you barely know, simultaneously, will strain your little gray cells. You might need a nap afterwards, like for two hours. Not that I’d know anything about that personally.
  • Despite all odds, one scorching day your kid and her pals will want to set up a blue tarp homemade slip ‘n’ slide on the asphalt driveway. When you say no, you’ll be labeled a bad momma.

They say you should learn something new every day. What did you learn this weekend?





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