Lone Star Love

texas welcome

The scenery has been great.

texas ducks

This little town has sketchy cell phone and internet coverage. Our host was sitting on the back porch, checking his email. I asked if he wanted to take a walk with me. I saw a few beauty spots I wanted to capture in photos. He gave me a tour of the block, pointing out the neighbors, which includes the mayor.

magenta crepe myrtle

The crepe myrtles are in bloom (above). I’ve seen white, this hot pink  and a pale pink bordering on lavender. They’re quite lovely, reminiscent of lilacs without the scent.

“We really love it here,” my host said. “The sunshine has been great. You get used to the humidity and the heat. Takes a bit, but this is a nice day.”

I could see his point, though I felt myself beginning to glow. At almost 80 degrees and near 100% humidity from dawn on, the temperature to me felt sweltery. But a breeze with a cooler undercurrent waved the grasses and horses’ tails.

texas horse with pond

(source) My photo never arrived. Texas longhorn not included.

We met some of the neighbors on our walk, Texas natives. The pace of life invites you to slow down and talk awhile. I liked it. The sense of community keeps people connected.

texas black-eyed susans


My runs, unfortunately, have been rather abysmal. It’s too darn hot for this Pacific Northwest gal. I know if I stayed longer, I would get acclimated. But we leave Thursday. However, one constant joy about running in an unfamiliar place is I get to discover it on my own terms, at my own pace. It’s just me and the outdoors and an adventure in the offing. I start to learn the curves of the road and the landscape. I see the birds at first light. And somehow, my heart opens up and I fall a little in love with each place we visit.

texas flag



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