Vacation Finale

I started this yesterday, but ran out of time and steam to complete it. Enjoy!

Today, we fly home. We hit SeaTac just after 3:00 p.m. local time.

It’s bittersweet. This was the best vacation we’ve had as a family, not to mention the longest.

I ran 47 miles over 14 days in 3 different states. We got to see most of Jonathon’s immediate family and some of our dearest friends. We cooled off in lakes and at a water park. We ate s’mores around a campfire. We played Apples to Apples.

It was a blast.

Here are some photos that didn’t make the blog.

From Mall of America in Minneapolis:

The above two pictures feature creations made of Legos. The bottom has rollercoasters and the back of Zac’s head.

From Lake Superior:

Spunky wonder dog Pepper and black-eyed Susans, both of Texas.

A rare Zac sighting.

Zac at Cedar Creek

Our friends’ kids, Rebekah and Tabitha. Aren’t they darling?! They cooked a fantastic lasagna, olive cheese balls, garlic-infused green beans and Italian cream cake. Diet? What diet?!

We visited the East Texas Arboretum yesterday morning.

We recommend visiting the arboretum. Admission is a suggested $4 donation.

We ate our last lunch in Texas at a bed and breakfast plus lunch place in Athens called The Geranium House. Oddly enough, not a single geranium graced the property. But we saw several ceramic cats, music boxes, tea pots and flamboyant hats.

The cat (far right) was the only live cat we saw while we visited Texas. Perhaps it ate all the others. (Mis)quote of the day, while the owner and server took our lunch order: “Is that Jonathon with a J?”

We thank God for His traveling mercies. Thanks for all who spent time with us. We look forward to seeing our local family and friends again, but will never forget this trip.




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