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home on lake superior.jpg

This is *not* our house. Don’t even think about it.

I got out and ran 3 miles today. The merciful marine layer, a downy cloud of cooling goodness, blanketed the sky. High temps on tap for the next few days. Running in the early morning seems even more special now.

I ran up the hill. The scent of sweet blackberries, trapped in the still air, greeted me. The street lights shed their mighty light to guide me.

I concentrated on being in the moment. I ran through the overspray of sidewalk sprinklers. I contemplated just breathing in and out. I felt my heart smile. I needed that run because…read on.

We’ve had 3 house showings this week, two alone on Monday. It’s only Wednesday, I know, but we rarely have any weekend traffic. We finally got some feedback from our realtor today. It went something like this:

“Well, the first was a single lady. She realized she didn’t need so much house.”

Okay. I get that.

“The second was a young couple, just starting out. This is their first home buying experience.”

Great! I thought. I would love to be a part of that experience.

“But the age of the home concerns them. They’re not sure how they’d handle the inevitable repairs.”

OK. Fair enough. Sigh.

“And the last was an older lady. She didn’t want stairs.”

Holy photos, Batman! What’s the point of posting pictures of a place if nobody looks at them?!

Will the future buyer of our house please stand up?