With Knobs On

So, I know you’ve been wondering what Rex has been up to. It’s a burning desire, I know. Well, no dead rodents of late. But observe:


A chalk collection of several lovely pastel shades, compiled over a few mornings. A new piece showed up each dawn. I should point out that only the tiniest yellow stub belongs to us. Ruby and I told him we needed orange and green, possibly pink, to be able to draw anything cool. So far, no dice.

This morning, I found:


In case you can’t tell, it’s a gold-toned door knob. It’s one of those that needs a key to lock it. It’s away from its door, alone and unprotected. Rex carted it off. Hope whoever lost it made alternative arrangements. Wait, maybe Rex put the door somewhere, too? Stay tuned, folks.

If you’ve lost some sidewalk chalk or a doorknob, hit me up. I’ll take care of you. Maybe I can get him to bring me a Ferrari…




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