Wednesday Basil

Warning: 80s music ahead.

I had no idea what to write about, so I looked at Facebook. Toni Basil was trending. She’s 72 and she’s still got moves.

But I remember her like this.

“Hey Ruby,” I called. “Wanna hear a song that was popular when I was your age?”

Ruby was game. I pulled up “Hey Mickey” for her. She watched the video and listened to the song for a few minutes. Then she pushed the pause button.

“It’s awful, Mom.”

Whaaat? Awful? No. It’s a classic. Compared to what’s popular now…

Or this…

Any words? No? Okay.

I know there are many other genres in play right now. But I didn’t feel like putting a soft porn video on my blog.

Songs aren’t just words sung to a beat – or notes alone. They have memories and a feeling attached to them, a fourth dimension. They can bring us back to who we used to be quicker than any jet. They remind us of where we came from. If they’re from our teen years, they hold a hope of what we thought we could be. Our old dreams remain inside them, trapped in time. Listening to our oldies often reminds us of a simpler era. We can’t stay there, of course, but it’s fun to visit.

Today, I’ll take Toni.





Because everyone needs a dose of Toni Basil now and then.



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