The Decade

I stepped out into the early morning darkness. The sky, swirled with white clouds, glowed with light from a half moon and a few sparkly stars. The seasons are changing and the change is beautiful. I don’t know how many more dry mornings we’ll have, so I want to get out in them.

This month marks 10 years of living in Shelton for our family. Zac was 6 and Ruby not even 1 year old. Portland no longer feels like home, though I enjoy visiting. I like it here. Let me count the ways…

Traffic. There isn’t any.

I love how the seasons move and shift here. They change with a boldness I’ve not found anywhere else I live. Suddenly, it’s fall. Instantly, it’s spring. Bam! It’s summer. I like it. And always, come winter, the possibility of snow.

The ocean is all around us. Shelton sits on a peninsula.


We’re down on the bottom of the map, towards the middle. You’ll be driving and come upon a finger of the ocean. You think it’s a lake, but the next time you drive by it’ll be low, muddy stretches showing through like the earth’s undergarments. You’ll see bald eagles, egrets, gulls, and all other kinds of wildlife.

You also might almost hit a deer on your way to work. In town.

The people amaze me. Friendly, interesting, open, unique. I could go on and on. If you meet someone who grew up here, and they accept you, you’re in. Because they’re related to or went to high school with most of the other people you’ve met. Now you’ve got connections. That never happened in Portland; it’s too large.

After the last census in 2015, Shelton crested 10,000 people. We now fit into a category called a code city, according to municipality governing standards, which beats the heck out of a second class city. Huzzah!

In Shelton, we have time to get to know people and offer our gifts to a community and our church. We’ve made some great friends and now belong. Moving up here, we had no idea what copious blessings awaited us. I thank God for this town and I’m grateful.

The land you have given me is a pleasant land. What a wonderful inheritance! – Psalm 16:6





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