Guiding Light


Not this soap opera.

I haven’t written much, but I have a good reason. Work has been rough. I can’t say much more, except that’s discouraged me. When I’m discouraged, I don’t write. I don’t eat much either, which can be a bonus in the weight department. Yet getting too skinny sabotages running. Now you know.

I planned a 5-mile run today, since yesterday’s run turned into a walk-run on the treadmill due to 3 hours’ sleep. I started a loop I know well. I ran past familiar landmarks in the pre-dawn darkness. I waited for the light to change at a main artery. I looked across the street. Ambient light from the corner spread about 50 yards onto the paved path. Then…nothing.

I considered taking a shorter, well-lit route. I thought, why isn’t this better lit?  It’s like the stretch got left out of the streetlight budget or something. But I remembered the path to be smooth and mostly flat, curving upwards towards the next intersection. No trees lined it to create root rumples in the asphalt.

I made  my decision. I ran across the street and into darkness. Stars gave pinpricks of light. The watery half moon lay somewhere over my left shoulder, useless for guidance. Cars rounded the curve up ahead. Their headlights shone onto the path, picking up slight divots and variations as they passed on my left. I breathed a prayer of thanks.

But sometimes, I ran by feel in the dark. And somehow, I had enough light and enough balance to keep going. Then it clicked. I can’t fix things in my life, much as I want to. All I can do is keep looking for the light and staying on the path set before me. Somehow, some way, God will show me – show us – how to keep moving, even when all around us grows dim.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it. – John 1:5


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