First Frost

I like to wait until November to turn the heat back on. But our seasons have been all messed up, with hot summer-like days hitting last April. I turned the heat off then, despite colder days after, so technically it’s been off in the house for about 6 months. Yesterday, Shelton had the first frost of the season. When I came downstairs this morning, the house felt cold. Then I looked at the thermostat. It read 58 degrees.

Time for drastic action. I flipped that little plastic switch to “heat”.

Ruby sits across from me. Between bites of tomato soup, she tells me about the cats.

“Oh, and thanks for turning the heat on, Mom!”

Zac is camped out on the heat vent in front of the garbage can.

“You know, this might be a good day to wear pants,” I say to him.

“I have no clothing on my lower half,” he tells me with a smile. In other words, Not today, Mother!

I went upstairs to finish getting ready. Boy, guys have it easy. No makeup, little hair maintenance, or even accessorizing.

“Mom, come quick!” Ruby stood at the door.

Sighing, I followed her to her room.

Outside her window, I saw this


Firsts are good, all the way around.





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