The New Normal


“Mom, I have a mock interview on Wednesday,” Zac announced on Monday. “I need some dress clothes.”

Awesome. My son, most days resplendent in t-shirts, shorts and a dark blue hoodie, needed to represent for his marketing class. Jonathon took him shopping Tuesday after school.

“Zac got pants. Can’t believe he’s in an adult size,” he texted me.

“Did you get him a shirt?” I texted back.

“No. He says he has one.”

“But does it fit?” I asked.

“He says it does.”


Zac tried on the shirt for me when he got home. A pale blue, it hugged his near-grown self. The buttons on the sleeves hit just before his wrists.

“It’s almost too small,” I commented.

He shrugged.


We rolled with it.

Yesterday morning, he put on the khaki pants and the blue button-down shirt. He tucked in his shirt tails. I realized I was looking at someone who was almost a full grown man. And a handsome one, at that.

“So, what kinds of questions do you think they’ll ask you?” I put to Zac.

“I don’t know.”

“OK. So what’s your greatest strength?”

He humored me as I peppered him with more practice questions. As I dropped him off that rainy morning, I realized something. Very soon, this Zac, dressed up like a professional, will be the new normal. Just like Zac is rapidly outgrowing  his dress shirt, he’s also leaving childhood behind. Next year, he’ll attend college in Portland.


What do you do when what you know disappears? You find a way to embrace the change and celebrate the new reality. Our boy is growing up.



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