2016 in Review

Full disclaimer: This has not been my favorite year in any sense. By the end, it felt sort of like this, which once was a cupcake candle.


Kind of a melty, disappointing mess, despite only burning for about 20 minutes. Ruby put this candle in my stocking. Yes, she helped play Santa Claus this year. Don’t tell your children.

Between the major changes at work starting in the spring and trying to sell our house, 2016 left me reeling. I know I’m not alone in this feeling. More personally, I got injured before I could run the half marathon planned in October, and I put in just shy of 461 miles this year. Not triumphant. I kept to abstaining from sweets until we went on vacation in June. My mom had major surgery. Donald Trump became president. What in the world?!

Is there nothing good, Susan? I hear you ask, as you shake your head. A few things come to mind. Zac is engaged with school, for the first time in years. He loves his advanced classes. Ruby is gaining confidence in the kitchen. Jonathon continues to impress with his ability to problem-solve at church and at work.

We sold our house, which we thank God for. However, the high point of 2016 would have to be our family vacation, from the end of June to mid July. I ran at least a mile every day of that trip. We traveled around the Midwest and Texas. We spent time with family and friends. It was epic. You can read about it here, here, here, and here. Oh, and here. There are more posts out there, if you search for them.

If you’re into stats, you can see them. I published 30 fewer posts than last year, but had more overall views. Go figure. Thank you, dear friends, for reading.

This year, I learned how little I know. Which I guess can be a good thing. I am teachable. I can grow, even at my advanced age. I think you could call 2016 a building year, which is a term coaches use when their roster is all rookies. I definitely felt like a rookie for most of the year.

This year laid a foundation for good things to come. As of right now, I’m washing the bad aftertaste of 2016 out of my mouth and moving on to 2017. Great adventures await us. Happy New Year!

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