Chance of Snow



For the past 2 days,  Winter Advisory notices kept popping up on my phone. Generally, these notices mean nothing. Our house is 23 feet above sea level. We don’t get much snow. Oh, a dusting here and there, and the freak storm of 2008-2009. But generally, not a lot.

So I kind of ignored them. I told the kids there was a possibility of snow. But I didn’t hold out much hope. Cold rain? Sure, and lots of it.

But I was wrong.

Ruby came into our room as I was getting dressed.

“Mom, it’s snowing!” Excitement lit her face.

Downstairs, I found her peeking out the front window. She had wrapped herself in a blanket against the chill. The streetlight shone down on fluffy flakes as they drifted to the ground. Outside, a live snowglobe.

Ruby dove into her closet and pulled out a coat. She donned a zebra-print cap.

“I’m going for a walk. Want to come?”

We stepped outside. Pepper-car had her own cottony blanket. Jonathon’s car, too. All was silent, the world asleep. We made fresh tracks on the driveway and the road. Ruby poked her toe into a slushy puddle, a dirty wet donut hole surrounded by powdered sugar. We strolled down the block. No birds sang. Nothing stirred.

“Mom, what’s your favorite hot drink when you’ve been outside forever?”

We debated the merits of hot chocolate vs. cider vs. chai tea. The dawn had yet to come, but the snow cast its own glow. We passed one other walker near the creek.

“Hello,” he said. The snow makes everyone friendlier, I thought.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” I said, smiling.

He look at me like I was crazy and picked up his pace. I kept on smiling. We headed back to the house so I could get ready for work and Ruby could make snowballs.

I want to be in the moment and not miss a thing. Snow falling reminds me to stop and savor what is, now, because nothing lasts forever.

Happy Monday.



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