The Operation



Yesterday, Mom went into the hospital for brain surgery. She has – had – an aneurysm. It sat in the back of her brain, a small, quietly ticking time bomb. Most people don’t find out they have one until it explodes. Then it’s usually too late. Mom found out about hers while a tech looked for blockages in her sinuses. She got the call about it the next day.

“Hi there. You have an aneurysm. But we’ll call you about next steps. Bye!”

Turned out she actually had two. One, very small, was outside her skull and inoperable. If that one bursts, any effects would be temporary and non-fatal. The other one, 12-14 millimeters in size, could cause problems.

However, the doctor told her the small bump in her artery probably would not do a thing. It would simply…be.

“You have a 5 to 6% chance of it rupturing every year. I recommend watching and waiting.”

But sometimes, we need to take care of things. We can’t let something just be. Sometimes watching and waiting doesn’t serve us as well as taking action. Choosing a decisive action helps us move forward and get on with things. Letting something go causes “what ifs?” to swirl around, stealing our peace and motivation.

My brother and I hung and talked during the operation, getting caught up on each other’s lives. We walked the immaculate hospital grounds in the wan sunshine, resplendent with mature trees and unique sculptures. We visited Mom briefly in her recovery room once we got the all-clear. Everything went well, the nurse said. Mom looked pale but peaceful.

“You just missed me dancing around the room,” she quipped from her pillow.

We laughed.

She made the right decision. She’s going to be just fine. Thanks be to God.



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