Insect Love

I’m surrounded by cupcakes. I made some for the Employee Appreciation party at work. Aromas of chocolate and gingerbread (not from the same cupcakes) fill my senses. The Christmas tree glows in multicolored glory behind me. The heat hums.

“Hey, Mom. Do you want to see a really weird bug?”

“No,” I said. Because it isn’t how I want to start this morning, or any morning, really.

Ruby looked at me, hair standing on end.

“It moved off my door and onto the wall,” she said, raising her arm in a sort of salute.

“OK.” I know resistance is futile, and I will be going upstairs. But coffee…

“So…you want me to kill it. Is that right?” I asked. Usually, that’s my mission as The Mom.

“No,” Ruby said. “I just want you to see it.”

Who could argue with that? We trooped upstairs. Chloe, fuzzy guardian angel, sat in Ruby’s doorway. She didn’t notice the 6-legged creature poised above her. I peered at it. I am okay with spiders, thanks to my dad’s early tutelage about their benefits. Ants don’t creep me out either. At first, I thought it might be a roach. Gulp. But I think it’s in the beetle family.


“How do they get in?” Ruby asked.

“Oh, through cracks and such,”I replied. Really, can you ever have a completely bug-free house? No. Because bugs want to be inside, where it’s warm, and they can get water and food easily. I mean, who wouldn’t? Plus, they are teeny tiny and can squeeze under doors and ride in on people’s coats. They have superpowers.

The best we can do is to find a balance. We don’t poison ourselves with insecticides, but we keep the fleas to a minimum. Spiders happen. And in our house, a grand ladybug migration occurs every spring, despite our best efforts.

I think this applies to our lives as well. We go after, with Jesus’ help, the things that “bug” God by confessing and repenting. We turn away from gluttony, wrath, lying, selfishness and self-pity. We choose the best things in the light of eternity, letting go of things that only prove good. We let Him guide our extermination of sin. We trust Him to provide good things for us. Then we can live in the warmth of His love and the joy of freedom.

Now repent of your sins and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped away. – Acts 3:19





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