After Christmas

I hope you had a very lovely Christmas, if that’s what you celebrate. We did. Lots of time with family and church on Christmas Day.

And we got an offer on our house. It’s about $20k below the asking price, so I struggled with whether it was worse to get no offers and a million showings, or get a ridiculously low offer that’s rather insulting. We’ve got a counteroffer prepared. If you’re the praying sort, we’d love some.

I’m typing this on a brand new laptop. I live with two tech guys, so perhaps it was inevitable that Lucky, my laptop of several years that’s actually a hand-me-down from a brother-in-law, should get superseded.

This is Lucky the 2nd.



It folds over into a tablet so you can use it with a touch screen. The keyboard is sturdy, but it’s more compact and lighter overall. It says Pavilion on it, but don’t ask me the make or model except that it’s HP. Great for a smaller person like me. Great also for when I cover the next Microsoft PAC.

Zac bought me this (below) with his own money. I was blown away. It’s a step up from my old green and white one, which had better satellite coverage in rural Wisconsin than in Shelton, where I do 99% of my running.


It tracks steps and resting heart rate and probably my bank account balance as well. And look at the big numbers! Perfect for an aging runner like me. No corrective lenses required.

I have no excuses now about running or writing. I have the most up-to-date equipment. I just need the motivation to match. It makes me think of what Joseph and Mary must have gone through after the shepherds and magi disappeared. What now? How do we live day to day, after experiencing so much of the miraculous? We can’t just go back to changing diapers and building fires and washing clothes, can we?

Yes, we can. We must, in fact, pick up the threads of our regularly scheduled lives again. But, we can dream and plan. Which leads me to goal-setting for 2017. So far, I have only one in mind. More on that later. What about you?





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