Snow Day



It snowed yesterday. I heard there was some important football game on, but it snowed. It kept on snowing all afternoon and into the evening. It covered the grass. it poured from the sky in a relentless white curtain.

I read a book and watched it snow. Then I watched some TV. Rex slept on the loveseat, uninterested in the unusual weather pattern. Zac played video games. Now and then, I heard him chatting with his friends as they battled monsters together. Jonathon and Ruby attended a party for said football game over at my brother’s place.

Early this morning, I opened the curtains and looked. The snow glowed under the light of the street lamp, making it seem like an early dawn. Nothing stirred outside. No cars rattled by at the end of our gravel road. No walkers shuffled along, hurrying to a warmer destination. The downy blanket muffled every sound, a cottony silencer. I found tracks of some animal this morning in the front yard. The started on the paved path and ended by the rosebushes. Neither of our cats ventured out into it. Dog tracks? Raccoon prints? Possum? I’ll never know.

I wished for a snow day today. But alas, I live too close to the office. I also work with the guys who plow and sand the roads. If they can work all night to keep us traveling safely, the least I can do is put all that hard work to good use by getting to work. The kids have a 2-hour delayed start. I could take that, too.

The kids’ late start turned into a snow day. Even now, fluffy fat flakes float to the ground. Driving on side streets is treacherous. Windshield wipers swipe away snow just as well as rain.  Slushy high points at intersections make you fishtail a little. Minor corrections, I reminded myself. Don’t jerk the wheel.

Even after two years of full-time work, it’s still strange to be the only one who leaves the house on a cancelled school day. The cats slumber. The kids entertain themselves and Jonathon works in his aerie. I don’t want to disturb the peace in the house. Though I’d like to be home enjoying the cozy quality of the day, I remember I had a snow day yesterday, just a day early. And it was grand.


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