Friday Brief

Yesterday, we signed papers on our old house. It’s no longer ours. In other words, we’re temporarily homeless. Not homeless-homeless, like we’re on the street. We’re at the house that belongs to my dad and stepmom. Monday, they sign papers to sell this house to us. Then, this ginormous house becomes ours.

This journey is almost over.

baby fist pump

In other news, my job changed again. I will no longer spend time at the shop processing invoices and such. I will be full-time at the main office, adding permitting to my plate. This means I will intake permits, give them numbers and track them through the approval process. It’s a complete about-face from where I thought I was going, but I’m glad to help out.

Some of the shop guys weren’t too pleased with this turn of events.

“What’s going on? You’re ditching us?”

Then they sent me flowers. Sigh. I’ll miss you, too.

The last 3 weeks held significant changes. We moved on February 18. I heard about the job change last week, but only now have started to implement it. We initiated Easter rehearsals last night.

All of this to say the only thing certain in this life is change. We can fight it or we can embrace it. No, we don’t have to like all of it. But trusting God makes a way through the uncertainty, the dark and lonely places. We can reach our destination as we let Him lead.


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