Where We Begin

Yesterday at 10:00 a.m., my folks signed papers to sell their house.

Yesterday at 3:00 p.m., we signed papers to buy their house.

This journey took us just over a year, from discussion to putting our house on the market to selling to closing. Now we’re full circle.

It hasn’t sunk in yet.

the house

This life is full of endings and beginnings, starts and stops. They happen every day. Some take a moment. Some take longer.

“So, will you kick your parents out now that you’ve purchased their home?”I got this question from almost everyone I work with.

We joked about them pitching a tent in the front yard. I can see it now. “Hey, guys, you have plenty of room, and it’s only a temporary floodwatch. I’m sure the rain will ease up soon. And think of the great sunrises!”

Not going to do it. Because they have a journey ahead of them, too. They haven’t found their next home yet. But we want to be with them when they uncover that jewel. As much as they rejoice in our living here, we will get excited about their next address.

Thanks be to God.


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