Stress Test

Zac grad

Zac graduated from high school 3 days ago. I am still processing it. He’s going headlong into adulthood. Where did the time go?! We’re so proud of his achievement and drive to finish.

I went for a short run today. I’d planned to swing some bells, but the sunrise with Mt. Rainier backlit and peeking above a cloud ring lured me outside. With the gibbous moon somewhere behind my left shoulder, I took off. The pale blue sky held a few clouds to both east and west. We’re supposed to get rain tomorrow. But that’s a day away. Today, the sun shines in the treetops and the birds sing.

As I plodded along, I considered the last 4 months. We sold our house. We moved. I quit working. Zac graduated. Other changes not listed in this blog have impacted us as well.  Curious, I looked up the Homes-Rahe Stress Inventory List. For those not in the know, it ranks major life events and gives them a point value, i.e., a stress level. I perused the list and added up the changes in the last year, with some yet to come. I’m smack dab in the second tier at 254 points.

As I read the list, I noticed that good things cause stress, too. Everyone experiences major holidays, right? Those merited 12 points altogether. The creators had listed “vacation” and “pregnancy” and “marriage”. Even “outstanding personal achievement” can cause strain on us. Thank God pregnancy isn’t on my list.

With my coveted position in the second tier, they forecast a 50% chance of a health breakdown in the next 2 years. Isn’t it great to have something to look forward to? Geez. I have no intention of letting it all get to me. That’s what time in prayer, worship and the word, plus running and good fun with friends and family will help to mitigate. Oh, and chocolate. God is fully aware of all these changes and knew about them long before they ever appeared on the horizon. Soon enough, all these variations will simply be the reality. I can’t wait to see the good coming out of them all. Jesus remains our constant in a sea of change.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  – Hebrews 13:8



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