I guess today is National Pet Day. We have a couple.

Dakota in sun

That’s our dog, Dakota. We’ve had her – or she’s had us – since August. Last night she spent 20 minutes barking at non-existent people on the pedestrian path last night. I finally went out to investigate. Some runners had made it up the hill earlier. Did one get left behind, perhaps passed out and bathed in sweat, lying facedown on the incline? We still had daylight. I walked up to the gate and peeked around it. Nothing. Dakota sniffed the gate where the two sides joined together. I could spot no suspicious activity. I went back in the house. Dakota kept on barking.

twin yearners

These are the old timers (above), Rex and Chloe. They yearn for Ruby’s leftover milk from her cereal. This is the closest they ever sit next to each other. They seem to have gotten a little closer, at least in proximity, since Dakota arrived. You know what they say: the enemy of my enemy is my friend. They sleep with Ruby every night, jockeying for position on her bed.


Ruby’s cousins got baby chicks the Saturday before Easter. They picked up one extra one for Ruby. I think she named it Cookie. Or was it Pretzel? I guess this counts as a long-distance pet.

Ruby & chick

Last, but certainly not least, Thurston County has its own pair of ducks. They hang around, hoping for handouts. I spotted the female this morning and I took a photo as I walked into Building 1. She just stood there, as if waiting for her paparazzi to arrive.

female duck

“Oh, I did that yesterday, too!” A young male coworker stopped and scrolled through his phone to show me the photo. He got the duck couple out on a stroll.

“It looked like they were on a date. I had to do it,” he said, with an impish grin.

Indeed. Ducks dating. Who knew?


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