Mr. Bill

So I pulled into the County parking lot a little after 7:40 this morning. I drove in behind a large red truck. I’ve been behind it before. Usually, it has mud splashed on the sides. Its owner, an employee of District Court I’ll call James, obviously likes to play outside.

Today I noticed a sticker in the truck’s back window. Was that…Bill Murray?


It couldn’t be. Had to be some famous…dictator or something. I mean, the mustache, right? This isn’t *exactly* the sticker image (above), but you get the idea. I didn’t catch James in the parking lot, because, well, what am I going to say? I sighed and hustled inside.

After work, I noticed James walking to his truck on the far side of the lot. I decided to intercept him. How weird could it be?

“James,” I called. He turned around.

“Hi,” he said. We had met before discussing scope of the new courtroom in the jail expansion project, so we weren’t total strangers.

“Um, this is kind of a weird question. I drove in behind you to work this morning.”

He looked down at me expectantly from his 6’4″+ height. He probably thought I was going to report a broken brake light or something.

I hesitated a beat, shifting my weight. This IS weird, I thought.

“Is that…a Bill Murray sticker on your back window?”

His face lit up into a huge smile.

“Yeah,” he said. “It is. I’m kind of obsessed.”

Wow. Didn’t expect that. He’s the right hand of the gal who runs District Court.

“So like Groundhog Day, and all that? You’ve seen all the movies?”

“Oh, I’m a huge fan. I watched Stripes last night. Actually, I saw it twice last month. I think I’ve seen all his movies.”

I’m laughing at this point. I had no idea. We chatted a little more, then I left for my car.

You never know what you might learn if you ask questions, folks. Bill Murray fanboys – and fangirls – are real. Get your sticker today. And happy Friday!

Bill Murray sticker.jpg