In Other News

Warning: This post is random. Now you know. And I wrote it yesterday but couldn’t post it because of the intransigent internet.

This morning, I spied a tangerine sliver of a moon. It glowed orange over the city. As the day lightened, it reverted back to silver. A single star sat next to it, a master jewelry setting if I ever saw one. It dazzled and delighted me.

You might be wondering what’s up with me. It’s been awhile.

Last night as I walked from Building 1 to my car, I had a close encounter. The air turned late afternoon pink. It was cold but dry with the beginnings of a gorgeous sunset. Another gal who works in courts, name unknown, was walking alongside me. And I suddenly came face to lips with a small, winged bug. Without realizing it.

I swallowed said bug.


It didn’t go down without a fight. I choked and sputtered and swallowed. It’s January, folks. What the what?!

“I think I just swallowed a bug,” I said to my walking companion. Because I could not believe it.

“It was too lazy to get out of your way,” she replied.

I laughed and choked some more. Let’s just say this didn’t help my voice for worship later in the evening. I told the worship team and basically blamed every gurgle and voice crack on the bug. That puppy took revenge all night. Is there a spiritual application here? I can’t find it.

Shifting gears, school is going well. I’m getting good grades and staying on top of the work. Jonathon has been a great help to check my APA formatting and whether my tone is scholarly. He’s an online adjunct professor for Concordia now and he attended Capella. He knows the biz.


I’m still not entirely sure what “scholarly tone” means, other than to leave “you, you guys, me and y’all” out of the writing. I get to include “others, one, them, they”. I hope they feel special.

Work has picked up a bit. I attend a lot of meetings on projects that aren’t mine and I take notes. Then I edit said notes. This week, the meetings have become contentious. They start out fine and then, wham! Out of nowhere, an uppercut. Parties who had informed us of their needs do a 180-degree turn. “We don’t need that. Why would you think that?” Oh, because you said it 3 months ago, or a year ago, at the very inception of the work. It was only the impetus for this whole project. But whatever.


 I understand that I work in a political environment. Needs change. Priorities shift. I also understand the scrapping for whatever project funds are available.

But some days, I think I might need to retire early. Blame it on the bug.

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