Academic Honesty, Part 2




By now, this short history is well known.

Here’s the update.

Turns out I hadn’t emailed my professor about he week 4 paper, only my advisor. Either the email never went through, or I only thought about doing it. The advisor, MJ, asked if I would like her to email him. Yes! Please.

Still nothing. That was Monday of this week.

Then I called MJ on Tuesday. She wasn’t available, so I got someone else. That someone told me Dr. P had 72 hours to respond to my email. I needed to give him time. I said I understood. Yet…

“But it’s been 3 weeks,” I said.

She put me on a hold and spoke to MJ, who confirmed she too had emailed Dr. P. She agreed with the latest advisor that I should chill and wait to hear back.

Don’t wanna.

I was not happy. See, Dr. P had also deducted 10 points on a late post from week 6. I had asked for APA advice, since he’s the guru. He responded late. I asked if I should still go and revise the reference, even though the due date was past. He said yes. So, I did. Good thing I still had the entire email stream. I forwarded it to him. He quickly altered my grade, but still had issues with my post. Whatever. Am I supposed to babysit professors?

Then, I got an email later Tuesday from Dr. P.


Thanks for reaching out. You need to upload the work again (the plagiarism issue was resolved, but that was tied to the first submission). The assignment must be uploaded into the assignment area to be graded. The original date/time will be honored. Sorry if that was unclear before.

Um. Yeah.

Dr. P.:

No, that was not communicated. I’ve uploaded it now. 

He thanked me and then proceeded to grade week 7’s assignment. Um, what? Week 4 still sits, and it’s Thursday. Now my grade sits at 68%. Which is still failing, in Capella’s eyes.

By Friday, after getting yet another “hang in there!” phone call from MJ, I had had it. Seriously, dude? How passive-aggressive are you? Why are you doing this?? Why can’t anything be done here? I was angry.


It hurt. It took some forgiving, let me tell you, because it felt so personal. And not just Dr. P.

This morning, I logged into the courseroom, disgusted and determined to finish the final 2 weeks of ethics class assignments as quickly as possible and move on. I saw this message on the home page:

Displaying +/- 7 Days

  • [u04a1] Unit 4 Assignment 1 has been graded.

What?? When? Eek! I steeled myself. A cold sweat formed on my forehead. What would it be? It’s taken 5 weeks.

I got a 92. He dinged me on APA – again – but both Jonathon and I discovered we had old information. Dr. P put up a PowerPoint outlining how page headings and paper headings should look. So, Dr. Isham and I both learned something. According to the 6th edition of the APA manual,  all of my paper headings and titles for the last 3 classes used incorrect formatting. Go figure. The template I used was provided by the other instructor I have this quarter. He doesn’t know, either. Dr. P said in his comments that I could resubmit the paper. Not sure it’s worth it. I’d like to move on.

Thanks be to God.