About Me

Susan Isham was born at a very early age.  She became a Christian at around age 12 and Jesus is her first love.  She grew up in the Portland, Oregon, area.  She went on to get her degree in Music Performance (flute) from Bethany College in Scotts Valley, CA.  Over the years, she has worked various administrative jobs, from engineering firms to bookkeeping and church secretary positions.  She put her husband through his undergraduate B.S. degree, masters and his doctorate. Her current state of full-time employment allows her to relinquish the home duties to her non-commuting but also employed spouse. She has a certain giftedness in organization and bossing people which nabs her jobs. However, she would now like to encourage her creative side, namely writing.  She hopes to one day publish a novel.  She’s willing to put aside her gloriously pathetic attempts at knitting and tennis in order to accomplish this.

She enjoys running (not on beaches), coffee, chocolate, reading and cooking.  Susan is married to her college sweetheart and they have two children together, much to the disappointment of the cats. She is learning to be content in all circumstances, and having fun doing it.

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