Delicious Misfortune

The gal I work with, Lisa, was training a newly-minted IT project manager.

“You need to fill this AIS out completely,” she informed him. “But no acronyms! Otherwise you die early age. My son used to say that.”

I started laughing. It’s hard not to overhear what’s going on when your cubicles are side by side with no walls between.

“That sounds like a bad fortune cookie,” I said.

We’ve all gotten fortune cookies, those crunchy, often stale almond-flavored crescents with a scrap of paper inside. Some are cryptic: “Don’t walk in the sun if your head is made of wax” (Ben Franklin said it, BTW). Or “A man who wants friends must himself be friendly” (Proverbs 18). I always like the ones that talk about adventure or wealth or favor. They’re generally positive, if sometimes trying to be like a truncated horoscope.

“A misfortune cookie!” the project manager exclaimed.

“We could make those, go into business together,” I said. I briefly contemplated a life of leisure…

“They probably already exist,” replied my coworker.

I looked them up. They do. Drat.

Some of them are black. They’re a little ghoulish. Not a fan.

black fortune cookies.jpg

The rest are funny, if a little off-putting.

misfortune cookie.jpgmisfortune mole

misfortune cookie meow.jpgmisfortune cookie the end.jpgmisfortune cookies container

Our words have great power to create and to destroy. Here’s hoping some of the time they can make us laugh.  This is your PSA for today. Peace!